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Proposed Initiatives of AAJMI Bihar

A systematic process, through meetings and discussions with several Alumnus in Bihar and Delhi, decided to shortlist the initiatives for the intervention of AAJMI Bihar. Three-year detailed project implementation plan has been worked out for further field action. Snap shots of those are as follows.

Learning Resource Initiative (LRI)

Many students from Minority communities want to continue studies but the obstacles both financial and infrastructural perforce them to drop out their education or become less competent to qualify the coveted seats or positions in the country. Keeping in mind the stressful situation and dilemma being faced by quite a few students across the state, it has been decided to do something that can at-least pave their way in achieving their dreams.

There are coaching centers across districts, but we generally don’t find a place where students can sit get basic reading materials or sit together to discuss about their syllabus. Library cum Coaching Centre can be a small step in that direction to provide students a conducive environment for preparing themselves for competitions and quality higher education.

The coaching will guide them to provide the essential tips regarding their study, preparations and opting the right course or institutions for their career and removing their relevant confusions. The expert in their own fields may facilitate few sessions at coaching centers on regular basis.

The library will be a centre point as a platform where potential students could easily be identified and guided for their further dreams. Historical and competitive books will be kept there to let the students know their golden history and sacrifices made by their ancestors and get inspirations from them and contribute themselves in nation building processes.

Initially, on pilot basis, three coaching centers in three minority concern districts of Bihar will be established with the help of Alumni and will be scaled up later in another district of Bihar.

Counselling and Employment Initiative (CEI)

We found through several focus group discussions that lower middle-class students and remote area students don’t know what to do after secondary and higher secondary schools or even after graduation or so. They don’t have access to or environment to know about their career based on their skills, ability and economic background. They just do courses and think that after course will decide what to do, if not then go for competitive examination.

The Counseling and employment initiative will act as catalyst for entry level students through career counseling. An expert team will be constituted at Patna and Delhi which will comprised of different field to counsel students offline and online or they can access them personally after an appointment. Team will organize counseling sessions as well.

Team of this initiative will have information about skilled and semi-skilled job openings and detailed information about free certificate and diploma courses and trainings organized by government and other organizations. Regular feeds through website and WhatsApp group will be provided to students and fellows for wider circulation.

State Legal Resource Initiative (SLRI)

During the past few years, religious tolerance has deteriorated and freedom violations have increased in some areas of India in states. Hate crimes and lynching incidents on Dalits and minorities, by cow vigilante and other lumpen elements are happening these days, and numbers are growing day by day. Perpetrators are not being punished, and victims are not getting justice. They are making mockery of justice system.

A group of young advocates will be identified from the Dalit and minority communities who are ready to devote their precious time for legal advice to victims at free of cost or at minimum cost. Networked advocates will go through a socio-legal sensitization training by the reputed lawyers of the country. The trained advocates are expected to help victims in litigation and fact-finding of hate crimes and atrocity incidents across Bihar.

Following activities will be undertaken:

Fact-finding of hate crime and atrocity cases: a state level fact-finding team comprised of activists, academicians and lawyers will be formed to conduct the fact finding of hate crimes and atrocities cases across Districts of Bihar, to find out the truth to make the authority responsible in getting justice to the victims. With the help of fact-finding team, AAJMI Bihar will do fact-finding of three-cases per year.

Legal aid to atrocity and hate crime victims: Trained legal resource team at district and state will be ready to provide the legal aid to the victims. Any victims wan to access legal help, will be linked to the networked advocates team, to help them out in legal counseling as well as litigation in court. AAJMI Bihar will support at least three such needy cases financially to access justice through litigation.