Vision of AAJMI Bihar

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  •  To facilitate positive interaction, cooperation, coordination, and networking between the alumni of the Alma Mater in the Central Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  •  To promote the welfare and well-being of the JMI alumni in times of want and need.
  •  To raise the profile of the alma mater within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to promote it as an attractive academic destination for the Indian as well as Saudi students by making available brochures, admission forms, and by providing guidance and orientation.
  •  To highlight the historic role of the Alma Mater and its founding fathers in the Indian freedom struggle, and to promote its original and current goals.
  •  To help needy students currently studying in the alma mater by instituting scholarships, and to liaise with institutions within the Kingdom to consider outstanding JMI students for scholarships, and to make efforts for starting student exchange programs between JMI and Saudi Universities.
  •  To facilitate recruitment of JMI graduates in Saudi Companies and institutions whenever possible.
  •  To foster cooperation and coordination with other Jamia alumni associations as well as well as old boys associations of other universities operating in the Kingdom and the Gulf region.
  •  To act as agents of advancing academic cooperation between the Saudi Authorities and the JMI, and to lobby for funds to finance specific projects like hostels, mosques, libraries, computer centers, medical and dental colleges.
  •  To arrange lectures and workshops under the guidance and supervision of Jamia teaching faculty available in the Kingdom as well JMIAA Members with demonstrated expertise in specific fields.
  •  To disseminate information about Indo-Islamic culture.
  •  To receive and honor distinguished guests, poets, writers, scholars etc. on who are on a visit to Saudi Arabia.
  •  To hold essay writing competitions, quiz, and debates, etc. for children of the Indian community on topics relevant to Jamia Millia Islamia in order to increase awareness about the various aspects of JMI.